15 May 2015

Okay, I am OBSESSED with this powder blue duster jacket! (Did you catch my wee post about duster jackets? Find it here!) I swear, the heavens opened up when I found this beautiful garment on the Primark sale rail! Additional bonus: It originally cost £23, the reduced sticker said £10, and it rang up as £3 at the till! Is there anything better than that?!

I'm usually drawn to neutral, monochromatic colours (aka black), but I absolutely adore this crazy blue jacket! I paired it with black and white items to help me feel like I was in my comfort zone a wee bit. This black and white striped top was also on the Primark sale rail. I had a particularly lucky shopping day! 

Now, I generally wear a UK size 22-24 depending on the maker and cut of the garment. Until recently, I had stopped going into Primark altogether because I'd been unable to fit in their biggest size for ages. A few weeks ago I was browsing H&M's racks (note: I can rarely/never fit into their clothes) and I managed to find a whole outfit that fit me, including a skirt that was size medium. It just goes to show, dont limit yourself with the size on the tag. This jacket is an 18, and if they'd had a 16 available I probably would have opted for that one. 

This jacket is pretty loud, but I still wanted a wee accessory. This necklace came in a 3 pack at Primark last year, and I love how it looks like bunting! I pulled the look together with a neutral, matte lippy and bold winged eyeliner (to be featured in a makeup post very soon!). I wore this look for a day in town running errands and sipping coffee with Scott, and I'll definitely be wearing it again in the very near future! 


Shop the look

Top: Primark, similar from ASOS Curve

Jacket: Primark, similar from BooHoo.com

Trousers: M&S

Shoes: Vagabond

Necklace: Primark, similar from Etsy

Bag: Steve Madden, similar from New Look


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What are you getting up to this weekend? Any big plans? Any shops you plan to stop by? Let me know in the comments below! 



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