18 May 2015

I confess, I used to be an eyeliner snob. I used to think that you could only get a good, quality liquid eyeliner if you were willing to hand over the big bucks for MAC or Dior. I was wrong. So very very wrong. Seventeen make this AMAZING "semi permanent liquid eyeliner" called Tattoo Me. It boasts that this is a 48 hour product, and I can confidently say that they are 100% correct. In a lazy, sleepy state, I fell asleep with this makeup on. It hadn't budged or flaked a bit. (Disclaimer: obviously I do not condone sleeping with makeup. It's a rare occurrence for me. I URGE you to remove your makeup, wash your face, and moisturise before going to bed!) 


The Tattoo Me liner looks fab for a bold/graphic wing, paired with a smoky eye, or for a thin accent to make your lash line really stand out!

Other noteworthy brands I used for this look are Sleek, Rimmel, and Maybelline. Sleek's contour kit is an everyday staple for me. I love the slight shimmer it has! Rimmel's 16 hour liquid lipstick is another favourite of mine because it lasts so well! I prefer to use Maybelline's matte balm to seal the colour instead of the gloss that comes with the Rimmel product. Finally, I finished off the look with Maybelline's falsies mascara in "black drama." 


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