19 May 2015

Playsuits are one of those things that I've always been told I can't wear. "It doesn't flatter your shape." What, my human shape? "You just can't pull that off." Challenge accepted. 


Like, why does everything have to be flattering? Can't I wear something because I like how I look and feel in it? I've come to terms with the fact that if someone is going to make a nasty comment about my body or my clothes, it's most likely a projection of their own insecurity. And let me tell you, this fat girl can rock a playsuit like nobody's business.

1. This long sleeved floral playsuit from is so elegant! I love how it's a bit on the dark side, and the colours are a bit muted. I would style this piece with a smoky eye, nude lippy, and heels for a date night. 


2. We need to talk about this acid wash denim playsuit Tess is rocking. I don't think you understand how badly I need it. This piece is from the new Tess collection at Yours, and it's still listed as "coming soon." I'll be checking every day or two, waiting to see if it's available yet! I would style this with a headband, beachy waves, and small gold layered necklaces for a cute summer look. 


3. I never thought I would see a playsuit that I wanted to wear to a job interview, but then Forever 21 serves up this look. I'd style this garment with a blazer and brogues for a trendy professional getup.


Shop the look

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Do you love the playsuit look? How do you style them? Let me know in the comments below! 



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