14 Jun 2015

Exciting news, everybody! Scott and I have finally found a flat! I thought before I move out of my current living situation, I could share a few photos of my wee bedroom! 

Here we have the corner where I get dolled up! This room is a jumbled mess of mixed up furniture, but I love the vintage wardrobe and dresser. I wish I had a proper shoe rack, but for now my collection lives above and below the cupboard. My nightstand almost always has a cup of tea or coffee and at least 3 books that I'm in the middle of, haha! I'm a bit scatterbrained when it comes to reading for leisure.

Here we have the other half of my room! I love the washi tape diamond on my wall! The guitar and ukulele are both Scott's, but I play them from time to time. Mostly they just make me look like the cool, arty type, right? Haha! 

This is where I blog! I try to have fresh flowers as often as I can. They just brighten my space as well as my mood. I'm a sucker when it comes to buying magazines. Like, I realise they're a total waste of money, and I realise it plays into a corrupt beauty & fashion industry, but dangit! The glossy images keep luring me back in! 

The "Wes Anderson shot," haha! This is actually my LEAST favourite duvet set, but what can I say? I'm behind on laundry. Anyway, that's my space! I'll only be here for another wee while, and I can't wait to decorate a new place with Scott! 



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hiya! i'm amanda!

Plus size style and fat positive blogger. Born in Kansas City. Matured in Edinburgh Scotland. Feminist killjoy, Instagram fanatic, and avid user of the sparkle emoji. Expect outfit posts, fat activism,
and intersectional feminism.
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