22 Jun 2015

Cue the Eiffel 65 song, because I'm blue! (da ba dee da ba die)

It's been CRAZY in my life the last week or so! Scott and I got the keys to our new place and have moved in a bunch of stuff! Scott's officially moved in and is LOVING the place! I'm keeping it old fashioned, so I'll be moving in after our wedding on the 4th! Anyway, I've been crazy busy, but I still want to get content up on the blog so you don't get bored with me! 

I wore this wee outfit for a few flat viewings before we found this place! I thought the pleated midi skirt was very ladylike, and made me look like a "real adult." The shirt belonged to my dad, but I borrowed (aka stole) it so many times that he finally just gave it to me! It's one of my favourite pieces of clothing! 

It's fun pairing menswear with particularly ladylike pieces, like the skirt and shoes pictured above! And of COURSE I had to have a red lip! 


Shop the look

Top: Vintage Wrangler. Similar from Yours

Skirt: New Look Inspire sale. Similar from Asos Curve

Shoes: New Look sale. Similar here

Bag: Old Steve Madden. Similar from New Look


Click here for more outfit posts! 

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