27 Jul 2015


If you've lived in Edinburgh, or even visited, you've probably had a taste of Lovecrumbs. This year they opened up a "little sister" shop in Leith called Twelve Triangles. The cafe is on Brunswick Street and it is just SO cute! It feels like Leith is really blossoming at the moment, which is incredible! I hope more and more shops like this start to pop up and thrive in the Leith environment.

The shop itself is small, but super adorable! I'm so into the branding, aesthetic, colours, vibes, everything! The minty green vibes and the marble walls are totally my jam. Everything about the shop (decor, food, and coffee) is totally instagrammable! I know that sounds silly/vain/whatever, but Instagram is by far my favourite social media, and I could have posted a LOT more photos here, but I tried not to get carried away haha! 

Like Lovecrumbs, Twelve Triangles specialise in delicious baked goods. They offer donuts, bread, croissants, coffee, and more! I love how their menu is constantly changing, and everything is SUPER fresh and tasty! Scott and I had the maple pecan donut (left) and the chocolate hazelnut (right). Their coffee is sourced locally, and at our last visit they were serving Steampunk Coffee, which I can't recommend enough! 

Be sure to check out Twelve Triangles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website


Have you visited Lovecrumbs or Twelve Triangles? Have I given you a snack attack by posting about these AMAZING treats? What's your dream donut filling? Let's discuss in the comments below! 


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