10 Aug 2015

I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of summertime. Give me sweater weather ANY day, amirite? One thing I do love about summer is the fun accessories! Big floppy hats, giant sunglasses, and pretty jewellery! Right now I'm LOVING the front-back earring trend! If you've not heard of these, they're earrings that (as advertised) have elements on both the front and back of the earring. See in item 2. below, there is a wee hole in the back piece that slides onto the front, before the earring back. (Earring stopper? Is there like, a technical term for these things?) 

This style is SO versatile! Smaller pieces (like 1. and 4.) can be styled with casual daywear, while 3. and 5. can easily be dressed up for nights out!


My favourite of the group I've selected would have to be 1. These semi-recious marble beauties from Miss Selfridge are only £6.50, which is TOTALLY in my budget! 


Have you tried the front-back earring trend yet? What did you think? How would you style these pieces? Let me know in the comments below! 


Shop the look:

1. Miss Selfridge

2. Designsix at Asos

3. River Island

4. River Island

5. Topshop


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