19 Aug 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been attempting some vintage inspired hairdos and outfits! And if you DON'T follow me on Instagram, shame on you! To quote the great Shia LaBeouf, "What are you waiting for?! DO IT! JUST DO IT!!!"


Anyway...who doesn't love a good vintage fair, or vintage kilo sale? Unfortunately, finding plus size vintage clothes suuuuucks if you're above like, a size 14/16, which (obviously) I am! The last fair I attended, I only found 2 items that MIGHT have fit me, but I didn't bother to try them on because I wasn't interested in the colour or pattern of the garments. 


When I found Lindy Bop online, it was like a dream come true! Vintage inspired dresses, under £50, that ACTUALLY come in my size! Unfortunately, they only go up to a size 26, but several styles could suit larger sizes. Hopefully they would consider increasing their range in the future! 

There are WAY too many garments I adore to pick a top 3, so I've done my top 3 in two categories: black, and floral! Now, I love me some black dresses, so I've tried to pick different dresses for different occasions.


1. This is such a cute, every day look. The cuffed sleeves give it a casual feel, and the dress isn't overly structured. To dress it up, you could easily add a petticoat underneath for more volume. I think it looks great as styled, with a simple updo and glasses. I'd probably skip the heel and go for a flat, or some loafers to keep with the casual vibe! 


2. I love this look for date night! The neckline is super cute, but still comfy. I love the sleeves as well, because I HATE feeling like I need to throw a jacket or coat over my outfit on a night out. How ADORABLE would this look with a big statement necklace? 


3. This dress just gives me day-at-the-office, or job-interview vibes. It could be effortlessly styled with a cardigan or blazer to serve up some corporate, #GirlBoss realness! And I LOVE the scalloped neckline! 

Now, the florals! The thing I love about Lindy Bop is how FAB the dresses look, with or without petticoats. The dresses still have life and movement without a petticoat, and with one, they have that glorious, perfectly vintage sillhouette that we all know & love! 


4. It's odd for me to like a floral dress that doesn't have a fair amount of black in it, but I just think this dress is LOVELY! Plus, I have about 4 different lippies that I'm already matching to it in my head! 


5. This is my favourite of the florals I selected! It's got a lot of black, it's got wee sleeves, it's got a V-neck, what's not to love? I'm totally here for dark floral motifs, and I NEED a pair of shoes like the model is wearing! 


6. I LOVE a tropical/botanic print, and this dress is just the ONE! The sweetheart neckline is the cutest thing ever, and I like how the straps are thick enough to cover a well supporting bra, and potentially shapewear to help get that hourglass, vintagey waist line!


(Note: I am an advocate for any and all body shapes. You absolutely do not need an hourglass, or any other shape or waistline to look STELLAR in this syle of clothing. On my own body, I like cinching in my waist a bit when I wear this style! It's just a preference thing, ya know?) 


Shop my Lindy Bop picks:

1. Ramona

2. Holly

3. Daria

4. Pippa 

5. Beatrice 

6. Grace 



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