27 Aug 2015

I've had really varying opinions on peplum over the years. When I was younger, and SUPER negative about my body I was really into peplum. I mean, this shirt has a bit of extra fabric to cover my "problem areas?!" Sold!!!


Fast forward a few years. I'm now a strong young woman who loves her body and has never been more confident. At this point I resented the idea of peplum, because why should I try to hide or camouflage any part of my body? Who decided any part of me was a "problem area" in the first place?! Get out of here, peplum! Ain't nobody got time for your body shaming crap! 

Well, here we are! Look at me now! Rocking a peplum top with a booty hugging pencil skirt! I feel like everything about this outfit says, "Look at me!" The colourful patterned top, the in your face red skirt, metallic shoes, and rockabilly 'do make it pretty clear I'm not trying to hide anything or cover anything up.


I'm much happier with my new style mindset: If you like it, wear it! In my current opinion, peplum gives an interesting shape, and that's really fun! 

Now, we all know that being confident doesn't mean you don't feel insecure about anything, or you're 100% confident at all times. When Scott first took these photos, I haaaaated the way my arm flab was proudly on display. But like, my arm flab is a part of me right now! I decided not to throw away photos of this incredible outfit (which I felt SO babely in) just because I saw one wee thing I didn't like. 


Anyway, this post went on a bit of a tangent, but I hope you love this outfit as much as I do. And wherever you are on your confidence/body positive journey, I hope you keep going and keep growing! You're freakin' gorgeous!  

Bonus hair & makeup photo, because both were PARTICULARLY popping with this outfit! For selfies (like this one), photos of my coffee, and more, follow on Instagram!


Shop the look:

Top: Old New Look. Similar from Yours

Skirt: Vintage. Similar from Asos Curve

Shoes: Old New Look. Similar from Office

Bag: New Look Sale

Headband/scarf: Vintage. Similar from Topshop


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