29 Sep 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel disusses her experience at The Curve Fashion Festival. Read more for selfies and some sentimental bits! 


This weekend was absolutely INCREDIBLE! This was my very first plus size event and I couldn't be happier with my experience. It was fantastic to meet so many bloggers I've followed for ages as well as some of my greatest role models. 

The runway shows were really fun for me. There were several interesting retailers like Studio Untold, Elvi, Monif C, and more. Since I won VIP passes on Twitter my date Lottie and I were sat just behind the "frow" girls. How much fun is that? I got to meet Georgina Horne, Danielle Vanier, Callie Thorpe and more! Let's be real, the people are the best part of an event aren't they? On that note...cue the selfies! 

My hot date and roommate, Lottie L'amour! Honestly, this girl is like, my BFF! We had the best time together from face masks in the hotel to pizza parties to singing along to Ellie Goulding. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS GIRL! I cannot wait to see this girl again! 

The lovely and hilarious Lucie Loves It! Seriously, Lucie is so beautiful and has style for miles and I wish we had gotten to spend more time together! I'm currently scheming to get my bum to London so Lucie, Lottie, Michaela and I can spend more time together! 

Another big part of the event was the excellent panels. My favourite was the one with these gorgoeus ladies captured by Kitty Wood. Lisa Riley, Hayley Hasselhoff, and Tess Holliday are all incredibly strong women from different walks of life with powerful stories. It was honestly such a pleasure to meet them and hear where they're coming from. 

I wish I had managed to get a better selfie with Tess, but the lighting wasn't ideal! She (of course) looked stunning as ever! It was great to have a wee chat to her about Kansas City and clothes and all that. She was so lovely and gorgeous and I was impressed with how hard she worked the entire day. Kitty (again) captured this behind the scenes photo of our selfie action.

Overall, I think the event was a solid 8-9 out of 10! After chatting with several others, we all agree that while the event was INCREDIBLE, a few wee changes could have made it even better.


1. Wifi: The signal in parts of the convention centre was preeeeeeetty rubbish. When you've got hundreds of girls (and lots of bloggers) you can expect that they're going to be frequently posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter while they're at the event. 


2. Better lighting: Look, I KNOW this is a "vain" request, but with how many selfies were being taken, better lighting would have been brilliant. To be fair, there were a couple photo booths that were SO much fun! We make a pretty good #girlgang don't we? 

3. Bigger girls on the catwalk: This is always the case, isn't it? Size 14-16 girls selling clothes to girls much larger than that. 


4. More thoughtful seating: Look, I'm an events management student. I know you can never get it 100% right. But at a plus size event, it might be smart to carefully consider the seating. In the dining areas the seats had seats that my 22/24 bum had a hard time fitting in. The seating in the runway/seminar area was VERY tight as well. You just have to know your audience, don't you? 


This event was just a complete and total blast! I feel like I've made some really great friends that I'm looking forward to seeing again. I'm feeling TOTALLY inspired to up my blogging game, so watch this space for new & exciting things! 


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