Let's Get Personal: Love Thy Bust**

23 Oct 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel gets personal about breasts! Bosoms! Ta-tas! It's all about loving thy bust in this personal post in collaboration by Simply Be

It's October, which means more than just pumpkin spice lattes, jack-o-lanters, and watching Hocus Pocus in your Halloween patterned PJs! You've probably noticed a lot of little pink ribbons around, because it's time for breast cancer awareness. To fight for the cause, Simply Be are running a Love Thy Bust campaign and I am delighted to be involved! 

It's first and foremost very important to self examine your breasts regularly! Knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer will help you examine, and there's a handy chart to show you what to look and feel for at the bottom of this post! If you notice that something's not quite right, seek medical advice straight away! The sooner the better. You can even sign up for notifications from Coppafeel to remind you when it's time to self examine! 

If everything is fine and dandy, then you should love thy lady lumps by ensuring that you're wearing not only gorgeous, but properly fitting bras! It's incredible how many people are wandering around wearing the incorrect bra size. This can lead to serious pain, discomfort, and more! Watch the video below featuring Georgina Horne and Leyah Shanks to learn about common bra fitting problems. 

I hit puberty SUPER early, so I've been wearing a bra since I was about 7-8 years old. I've had my fair share of ill fitting bras, soul crushing sports bras, and many other horror stories. I'm very pleased with the red & black plunge bras pictured above, and the floral bra pictured below. In most brands I wear a 40G, but in Simply Be's own brand Simply Yours, a 40F fit perfectly. There are more handy tips and videos available on their Love Thy Bust blog post! 

It's not easy baring it all on the internet, but I hope these photos of a size 24 lass in her bra & knickers has SHOCKED you enough to make you pay attention! Please be kind in the comment section, and please do set up reminders to self examine your breasts regularly! Now get out there and love thy lady lumps

**This post contains gifted items from Simply Be. Be sure to check out the Love Thy Bust blog post!


For more info about collaborative posts please read our full disclosure, or feel free to contact us.  


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