Beauty Chat: Covering My Eczema

25 Oct 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel shares her favourite beauty products for covering eczema including foundation, concealer, and more!

It's that time of year when it's getting colder, and skin is getting dryer. Naturally, my eczema has flared up something AWFUL! You may have seen on my Instagram that I opened up and posted #nomakeup #nofilter eczema selfie. In case you missed it, feast your eyes! 

I know it's not the best look, but it's what I'm working with! I was overwhelmed by lovely comments and support from my Insta followers, which was absolutely wonderful! After opening up about my skin, several people wanted to know what makeup I use for eczema coverage. Well, ask and you shall receive! Here is my daily base makeup routine. 

Step 1: Foundation


Hands can have some icky germs and oils on them and under the nails. Who wants that on their face?  Not this girl, trust! I dispense two pumps of this Rimmel foundation onto the back of my hand and apply with a foundation brush. I only apply the foundation with a foundation brush, then I use a beauty blender to beat it into my face, haha! I didn't understand the beauty blender hype until I tried one, and now I'm hooked! It makes any foundation look beautifully airbrushed and I just love it. 

If it's a particularly rough skin day, I'll repeat this process an additional 1-2 times, using a total of 4-6 pumps of foundation. Generally though, I only have to use 2 pumps. 

Step 2: Concealer


This concealer is a new addition to my makeup bag, and I'm a BIG fan! I mostly use this for dark circles, and really resilient red patches. I just love the texture! I assume most people would apply this directly to their skin, but I prefer applying it with a wee brush for precision. I prefer to blend with the brush, but occasionally I'll use my beauty blender if I've had to apply a lot of concealer. 

Step 3: Powder


This. Powder. Is. The. BEST! A friend of mine got me into this stuff, and it is just fantastic! The  translucent rice powder absorbs any oil and shine left on your face and sets the foundation and concealer (even highlight and contour) for all day staying power. If you decide to purchase this perfect powder, be warned. Unless you are DARK (aka not white like my pale booty), translucent is your best bet. It's also available in "natural" and "warm beige," but these are both much darker than you'd expect them to be. 


My only other tips for eczema would be to exfoliate and moisturise! Coconut oil is your friend! And if things become unmanageable, speak to your doctor. Mine has spread to my neck, chest, back, bum, hips, thighs, etc., so I'll be speaking with my GP shortly. I'll keep everybody posted on my progress! Thanks again for being so lovely and supportive over on my Instagram


Shop the products: 

Foundation: Rimmel London

Concealer: Max Factor

Powder: Palladio

Brushes: Real Techniques

Blender: Real Techniques


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