Tech Talk: Editing Photos For Instagram

2 Nov 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel introduces a new column, Tech Talk! Today we're talking about her preferred way to edit photos for Instagram.

Hello, and welcome to tech talk! I thought I would start a new wee column about technology! This will be where I post about my favourite apps, blogs I'm loving, cool Instagram accounts, that sort of thing! 


I've had a lot of questions recently about how I edit photos for Instagram, so I thought I would share my process and some tips! 

1. I start by finding the best lighting possible, whether I'm taking a selfie, or photographing my morning coffee. That's why about 85% of my selfies are taken in front of this door. It's opposite a big window! As you can see, it's an okay photo, but I'm gonna make it better! 


2. Next I crop my photo to the same proportions using the iPhone photo editor in camera roll. I crop mine to 2:3 (4:6) so that the end result will have a portrait photo with white trim on either side. 


3. The app I use for editing is called Instasize. It's available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. The app allows you to create a collage, use custom borders, add filters, tweak the image, add text, overlays, stickers, and more! I mostly only use the "adjust" and "filters" tabs. 

4. I prefer to begin with adjustments. Each adjustment can be made on a slider from -5 to +5. I try to keep my photos pretty uniform, which adds to my whole "aesthetic branding" situation. My preferred adjustments are:


• Exposure +1 

• Lux +1 

• Brightness +1 

• Warmth - 1

• Shadows -1 


5. Then I move on choosing a filter. Because I like to keep my photos consistant, I usually use "Madrid," But my other two favourites are "Market" and "Nomad." 


6. Finally, I click the arrow in the top right corner, save the photo, and post to Instagram! Are you ready for the end result? Here is the before & after: 


I definitely prefer the photo on the right. I don't love retouch apps that just make you look like a big blur, so I'm a big fan of this app! It's also a great trick to have for hiding my major excema issue


Would you give Instasize a go? Let me know how you get on in the comments below! 


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