Beauty Chat: DIY Acrylic Nails

16 Nov 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel provides step-by-step instructions for an at home acrylic manicure in this beauty chat post! 

What you'll need (links to purchase below): 

- Acrylic kit

- Nail clippers

- Cuticle nippers (optional) 

- Nail file 

- Buffer block

- Cute nail polish

- Small pot/dish/container for acrylic liquid (note: This should be an item you don't mind getting ruined, because acrylic will likely harden and build up in the container. I use a Lush sample pot. Go get yourself a nice moisturiser/mask sample and recycle the wee container!)

- Newspaper to protect your work surface

Step 1: Most kits will have both "natural" or white tips for your nails. Choose your preferred colour, and select tips which best fit your nails.


Step 2: Using side two of the buffer block (usually labelled something similar to "smooth ridges" gently buff your own natural nails to lightly rough up the nail surface.


Step 3: Glue the tips to your nails. Be VERY careful with the nail glue, because it is essentially super glue. I've glued fingertips together in the past, and it is NOT pretty! 


Step 4: Using side two of the buffer block (or side 1 if you're brave) you'll want to file the bottom part of the tip down to a taper so it blends in with your nail. Be sure to be gentle, because you don't want to rough up your natural nails too much.  

Step 5: Take a ridiculous selfie with super long tips (optional) 

Step 6: This is where it gets time consuming. You'll want to cut and file nails until they are your desired shape. I prefer the stiletto style. To achieve this I:


- Use nail clippers to trim the length down to a bit longer than I want the finished nails to be

- Use cuticle nippers to cut the nails to a sharp point

- Use a nail file to touch up the shape, and make the tips a bit less deadly. I don't want to slice myself or anybody else!


Step 7: Now for the smelly step! This step requires the acrylic liquid, powder, brush, and small container for dispensing the liquid into.


- If you haven't put down newspaper to protect your work surface, do it now!

- Pour a bit of acrylic liquid into your container (about 1/5 of the wee bottle)

- Dip your brush into the acrylic liquid

- Brush off any excess on the side of the dish

- Swirl the wet brush in the acrylic powder until a wee pearl forms on the tip of the brush

- Pat and paint the acrylic over the full length of your natural nal and the acrylic tip

- Be aware that the acrylic hardens quickly, so you can't take a SUPER long time to apply it. But

don't worry! It can easily be cleaned up if it's too messy


Step 8: Using the buffer block and nail file, gently buff the acrylic surface until smooth, and tidy any unwanted bits of acrylic aroud your nail and cuticle


Step 9: Paint those bad boys! Don't forget the top coat!


Step 10: Snap a photo and post to Instagram to show off your hard work!


Shop the supplies

Acrylic all-in-one kit

Nail clippers

Cuticle nippers

Nail file 

Buffer block 

W.I.P. nail varnish in Pumpkin Pie


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