Brand Crush: Curvy Kate**

19 Nov 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel wears a gorgeous black balconette bra in this Brand Crush post, brought to you by Curvy Kate

Talk about a wishlist dream come true! The lovely folks at Curvy Kate were kind enough to gift me the bra from my birthday wishlist post! Happy birthday to me, indeed! I was VERY excited to give the princess balconette bra a test drive. 

This is my first Curvy Kate experience (I know, right?! HOW have I gone this long without any Curvy Kate in my life?!) and I'm super pleased! As a 40G, I can confirm that this bra runs true to size. Some bras like their super sexy Scantilly collection are only available up to a back size 38, so I would have to use sister sizes and try a 38H in those styles. 

This design is just so PRETTY. It has a lovely soft raised polka dot print on the cup, and is trimmed with floral lace and a pretty ribbon. The polka dots are definitely my favourite part. The wee bows on either side are also adorable. 

This is one of the most comfortable bras I've worn. No wire discomfort or anything! The Princess style is available in 28 - 40 band D - K cup, and 42 - 44 band D - G cup. There are also matching pants, in thong and shorts styles. If black isn't your favourite like mine, the following colours are also available! 

Shop Curvy Kate Princess Bras




Cerise Topaz



**This sponsored post is brought to you by Curvy Kate. Click to shop their D - K cup lingerie and swimwear collection! For more info about sponsored posts please read our full disclosure, or feel free to contact us.  


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