Tech Talk: 5 Fave Insta Accounts

22 Nov 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel gushes about five of her favourite accounts from her favourite social media: Instagram! 

Who doesn't LOVE Instagram? Twitter is fun, Facebook feels a bit like a necessary evil at this point, but Instagram? It's just my absolute favourite. It's visual, and beautiful, and I can't get enough! I follow just under 600 accounts, but these are a few that I'm LIVING for. 

1. This Is Glamorous


This girl is STUNNING! TIG is an entrepeneur who lives in my city. Every single photo she posts is equal parts dreamy and luxurious. She has such an eye for beauty, and I really admire that. Because we both live in Edinburgh, she's been a big influencer in my Instagram aesthetic. I will never tire of her beautiful, ultra-feminine images. 


2. Lottie L'amour


Naturally I had to include my #PSBlogger BFF! Not a day goes by that I don't wish we lived in the same city. Her smile and style make me swoon at all times. I melt over cute couple posts with her Scottish lady love, Emma! WEE CUTIES! 

3. Hormones and Honey


Beatrice is a blogging newbie, but you'd NEVER know it. Her aesthetic is straight up 100 and I DIE. She's the babeliest babe with the best eyebrows and I adore her. She also makes up 1/2 of Glamour and Honey, who make adorable tote bags and coffee mugs! 

4. Wardrobe Conversations


I don't even know where to start with these two! Kimberley and Helen are both so beautiful, and have style for miles! They're another local account that I love so much. Their Insta account has helped me discover a few places in Edinburgh that I'd never known about! Blogger babes are always good for inside info, haha! 

5. Sarah Graley


Do you like cats? Do you like comics? Do you like SUPER CUTE Stuff?! Then go follow Sarah, like now! Scott and I recently supported her Kickstart campaign to print her comic collection, "Our Super Adventure" featuring her boyfriend Stef and their cats, Wilson, Pixel, Toby, and Pesto. Her comics are SO relatable, and they always make me smile! 


And of course, me! I'm here for plus size fashion, manicure pics, and photos of my food/drink! That's what Instagram is all about, right?


I'm always looking for new accounts to follow. Leave your Insta account in the comments and I'll check you out! 


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