Wishlist: Christmas Pt. I: Makeup

7 Dec 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel shares her favourite cosmetics for the holiday season in this Christmas wishlist post, makeup edition.

It is no secret that I am a full on makeup addict. Will there ever be a day when I say to myself, "You know, Amanda, I think you've finally got enough makeup? Maybe. But today is not that day. 

1. Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fibre Set


Do I already have "enough" makeup brushes? Totally. But do I still totally want these limited edition fibre brushes! I'm a sucker for black & white! 


2. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette


This palette is on the expensive side (£40) but it's Urban Decay, so you know it's high quality. Plus as a 90's girl, how could I NOT be lusting over a Gwen Stefani makeup collaboration, right? 


3. Beautify Acrylic Makeup Organiser


More makeup means more makeup organisers! This is one of many organisers in my Amazon wishlist. High quality acrylic, lots of drawers for palettes, I love it. 


4. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick: Prom Night & 5. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick: Anna Nicole


I absolutely live for Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. I feel like once you use them, it's REALLY difficult to use anything else. I already have 4 of them, but I'd love to have 4 times that many haha! Anna Nicole and Prom Night are the next two I need in my life tho. 


1. Diorshow Mascara


When I was in college a friend of mine got Diorshow mascara for Christmas and she wasn't into it. Crazy, right? So she gave it to me as a hand me down and I just ADORED it. I haven't used it since I was about 19 years old, and I'd love to try it out again.


2. Real Techniques Concealer Brush 3. Real Techniques Setting Brush


I know, I know, MORE BRUSHES?! But these are the only ones I'm missing from the core range! I just want a complete set so they'll be like a big happy family. 


4. The Balm Cindy Lou Manizer 


I've not gotten to try The Balm yet, but I've heard that their products are thebomb.com ya know what I mean? Several beauty bloggers are raving about Mary Lou Manizer, but I think it would be too dark for my complexion, so I'd like to try Cindy instead. 


5. Urban Decay Shadowbox Eyeshadow Palette


Because you can never have too much Urban Decay, I'd also love this Shadowbox palette. I think I would definitely get more use out of the Gwen Stefani collaboration, but the bright colours would be nice to use as accent shades. I know that blue would make my eye colour just POP!


6. B. Blending Sponge


I usually use my real techniques beauty sponge for foundation, but I'd like another one or two for liquid blush, highlight, and contour. 


7. 24 Capacity Lipstick Organiser


I'll be honest, I don't know exactly how many lipsticks I have. Buuuuut, 24 could probably hold a lot of them! Plus I have a couple 9 capacity lipstick organisers already. After Christmas I'd like to makeover my makeup station.


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