Dita Von Teese MAC Lippy

15 Dec 2015

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel reviews the mega-hyped Dita Von Teese MAC lipstick in this beauty chat post. 


Like many Dita Von Teese fans, I was VERY excited when I heard about this MAC collaboration! I probably should have spent the money on Christmas presents...but I knew it was going to sell out quickly, so I had to act fast. 

The lippy was delivered from MAC very quickly, as per usual in their traditional black packaging. The lipstick's box is absolutely gorgeous! It features a gorgeous shot of Dita, as well as her signature in red. The signature is a recurring theme in this product, as it is also featured on teh lipstick tube, as well as imprinted on the actual lipstick itself. The tube is very shiny, as opposed to MAC's usual matte shimmer tubes. 

I think this colour is absolutely brilliant! The matte finish is just fantastic. As an added bonus, it doesn't dry my lips out quite as much as other MAC lippies (I'm looking at you, Lady Danger and Russian Red). I started with New Look's red lip liner, then applied the lipstick with a lip brush. I only apply lipstick directly to my lips if I'm touching up the colour when I'm out and about. 

As a girl who owns a good handfull of red lipstick (and even a top featuring red lipstick, haha!) I was a teeny bit worried that this shade would be redundant in a sea of red. I'm so glad I was mistaken. I love the texture, the shade, and the overall feel of the product. I'm SO glad I managed to score one while they were still in stock! 

Image via Just Jared


Shop the look

Lippy: Unfortunately, this lippy has already sold out! Click to browse MAC's collection

Top: Thrifted

Nail varnish: New Look Pure Colour


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