Wish List: Valentine's Gifts

6 Feb 2016

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel shares her favourite romantic gifts in this Valentine's wish list post, featuring Black Heart Creatives, Curvy Kate, and more. 

I know, I know, Valentine's Day is a "holiday" made up by card companies in an evil bout of consumerism, blah blah blah. Well I say pants to that! I'll welcome any excuse to buy myself pretty things. And of course you can buy gifts for your friends and lovers too, but TREAT YO SELF!

1. Moët & Chandon Rosé Champagne


Nothing says romance like pink bubbly booze! Why not splurge on a big, beautiful bottle of Moët & Shandon? 


2. Skinny Dip London Laptop Case


I just LOVE this bright, graphic laptop case. I just love accessories that pop!


3. Colourpop Kitty Mini Lippy Kit


I finally got my hands on some Colourpop matte lippies when I visited America, and I can't get enough! These mini lippies are a great way to try a handfull of shades without comitting to full size tubes. 


4. Victoria's Secret Love Spell Clutch Gift Set


I was SO surprised to see Love Spell in my local Superdrug recently! This scent is a cult classic back home, and I'd love to have it back in my life! 

5. Black Heart Creatives "No Scrubs" Bamboo Earrings


Okay, Black Heart Creatives are KILLING IT with the new collection. I basically want every single piece, but these "No Scrubs" bamboo earrings are a FAB gift for your friends who are single and ready to mingle.


6. H&M+ Peplum Top


This peplum top is just really cute and romantic and would look fab with some black leggings and leopard flats. 


7. New Look Suedette Tassel Block Heels


I l-o-v-e a tassel, so naturally I'm very into these New Look heels! With a wee insert for the ball of your foot, they could actually be pretty comfy.


8. Collection Red Chiffon Cape Dress


This dress would make me feel like the most flowy, romantic villainess that ever lived. How chic are the little cape sleeves? 


9. Curvy Kate Berry Copper Babydoll


This babydoll is so lush! I'm a big fan of the satin trip at the bottom, and the colour combo is lovely. 


10. Curvy Kate Berry Copper Bardot Bra


If babydolls aren't really your thing, it's also available as a normal bra! 


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