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23 Feb 2016

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel wears a lush black full cup bra in this Lingerie Lounge post, brought to you by Mymilla.


If you've got a full figured bust like I do, you've probably heard of Elomi. But have you heard of Mymilla? I was recently introduced to the brand with their Twitter page followed me, and I was keen to get in touch. I've been nothing but impressed with the company ever since. I was THRILLED to learn that Mymilla is owned by a total #GirlBoss! Nicole is absolutely lovely, we had a chat on the phone and her passion is contagious. Plus she understands the big boob struggle, as she is an H cup herself. 


Elomi offer luxury D-K cup bras at an affordable price. The price on the item is what you pay at the checkout. There is NO added VAT at the checkout, because isn't that the WORST?! 

These days, a lot of brands are trying to cash in on the body positivity movement. Mymilla is all about walking-the-walk, not just talking-the-talk. Of course, they want to inspire women of different shapes and sizes to love their bodies just that way they are, but they don't stop there. Mymilla features models of different shapes, sizes, and skin tones, plus they do not photoshop or air-brush their images. For these photos, I've happily done the same. These images are not retouched. You can see my stretch marks, cellulite, etc. 


Mymilla is currently working with a charity called Beat, which is UK's leading charity that helps anyone affected by eating disorders or have difficulties with food, weight or shape. They are currently volunteering to fundraise during that Eating Disorder awareness week (22nd - 28th Feb) and will be doing so on an ongoing basis. The money helps fund the charity's everyday operations but it also has trained speakers to go to schools and talk about body image issues to young people as well as those suffering from an eating disorder and supporting those in recovery. 

I know I'm going on and on about the brand, but I'm SO IMPRESSED that they're such active advocates for self love and education. I promise I'm getting to the bra itself next! 


This bra is the Elomi Etta bra. It's a full cup bra featuring beautiful embroidery detail on the cups. The back has a 3 hook fasten (2 hook for smaller sizes) and has a hook to convert it to a racerback style! The bra is comfy, supportive, and doesn't give out on you halfway through the day. You know I'm a sucker for black, and I feel like a BABE in this bra! 


If Elomi isn't your preferred brand, Mymilla also source Curvy Kate, Freya, and more! 

Shop the look

Elomi Black Etta Full Cup Bra**

Pictured in size 40H.


For 10% off the Etta bra thru 25 Feb, use code "TENOFF" at the checkout! 


Complete the look

Elomi Black Etta Brief


**This sponsored post is brought to you by Mymilla. Click to shop their Elomi range of lingerie! For more info about sponsored posts please read our policy, or feel free to contact us.


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