Wish List: Simply Be Spring Campaign

5 Mar 2016

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel shares her three must have pieces from Simply Be's Spring campaign in this wish list post. 


1. Acid Wash Biker Jacket


I have been looking for a fab denim jacket for AGES now, and I can't stop thinking about this one! I've started a collection of patches and badges that I want to put on a denim jacket, but first I need to acquire a denim jacket, haha! I love how the acid wash makes the shades of blue have an ombré effect! Ombré is perfect for hair colours, why not for clothing? Denim jackets go with EVERYTHING don't they? I absolutely need one in my life, and this just may be my dream jacket.









2. Wide leg trousers


At first I thought these trousers were black & white, but it turns out they're actually navy & white. I think I still love them all the same! My only fear is that these are designed for someone who is 5'11" and a size 14, while my bod is 5'5" and a size 24. Still, I would definitely give these a change. I'm LOVING the tie detail at the waist, which I think is a high waist? You know I'm a sucker for anything high waisted. I'd love to wear this with a vintage looking tee shirt (tucked in, duh), the denim jacket I just gushed about, and my white Vagabond platforms. Ugh, I wish these were already in my wardrobe so I could wear that exact outfit to uni today!











3. Textured Skater Dress


I. freakin. love. this. dress. Okay, to be fair I haven't seen it in person yet, but look at it! I love the linear elements, I love the colours, I love the patterns. There's not much that I DON'T love about this dress! It doesn't look like a traditionally cut skater dress. To me it looks like somewhere between a bodycon and a skater cut, but I'm VERY keen to try this bad boy on! This dress seems like the type that is very easy to dress up or down with the magic of styling. For daytime, I would wear this with a messy bun, that denim jacket (swoon), and some comfy sandals or flats. For the evening, I would wear my hair all curly and down, a statement lip with a statement necklace, and some cute heels. Do I sound like I'm in love with these three items? Because I think I may be in love with these three items...





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