Feminist Friday: Meet The Contributor

4 Mar 2016

UK based plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel presents the new Feminist Friday column and opens up the floor to introduce the contributor: Billie.

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I'm Billie, and I'm Amanda's Feminist Buzzkill friend. This is my accepted role in life - it basicaly comes from a place of having lots of feelings about lots of things and without it, I probably wouldn't have met Amanda. I started working with her husband about ten months ago, and we hit it off pretty quickly thanks to our shared passion for various forms of geekery. His intense hipster aura alleviated the burden of my own, which I believe allowed me to really explore the reaches of my angry feminism.


Anyway, I became friends with Mr and Mrs Amanda and experienced something really cool; neither of them roll their eyes at me, or try to tell me I’m over-reacting. That right there is a sign that they’re just great people. In fact, Amanda is a beautiful, passionate woman who cares so much about what other people feel and experience, that after some deep discussions, she offered me a guest feature spot on her blog to talk about things that really matter to people.


So that brings us to the feature, and what I plan to achieve here. In my everyday life, I’m a drama student who specialises in feminist playwriting, and I have written lots about the exclusion and disempowerment of marginalised people. I’d like to use the knowledge that I have to help shine a light on the issues of representation, using examples from pop culture - that stuff is ingrained in our bones and impacts us way more than we think - but I also want to create a space to allow real people to share their real life experiences and issues in their own words.


I’m really excited to get started on all this, and get some conversations going!


Thanks for having me, and giving me a chance. 


Billie | @billiemischief


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hiya! i'm amanda!

Plus size style and fat positive blogger. Born in Kansas City. Matured in Edinburgh Scotland. Feminist killjoy, Instagram fanatic, and avid user of the sparkle emoji. Expect outfit posts, fat activism,
and intersectional feminism.
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