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8 Mar 2016

UK plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel presents a new Inspiration column, and shares her nomination for Panache Lingerie's Modelled by Role Models Campaign. 

This International Women's Day Panache Lingerie are launching their second annual Modelled by Role Models campaign. Panache want to know what strong, fearless, and powerful women are inspiring your daily lives. 


"Panache women are role models. They’re influencers. They don’t compete. They empower. It’s these role models, these female one-offs, who show the world that the glass ceiling is permeable. And it’s time we gave these women their stage."

images via Instagram


Nominations are now open here, and will run until 03 April. After the nominations close, Panache will carefully consider all nominations and release a shortlist of 15 finalists, the public will join a Panache judging panel to find the final 6 role models. Winners will be in the ‘Modelled By Role Models’ photo shoot which will feature on the Panache website, online and offline press and all social media channels and on in store campaign materials.


I try to surround myself with empowering women both online and IRL, so I had a lot of babes to choose from. The one I'd like to nominate is one of my all time fave Girl Bosses, Alysse Dalessandro of Ready To Stare! 

images via Stare Style


Alysse is a plus size babe, entrepeneur, designer, and body positive activist. I don't know if I want to be a designer, but that absolutely doesn't stop me from looking up to and admiring her! As you can see, she's not afraid to bare her belly and make a statement. She often wears (and Ready To Stare also sells) slogan tees with a fat positive message.


I'm SO here for the "I wear what I want" mentality. Alysse absolutely doesn't care about or listen to what fat babes "should" or "shouldn't" be wearing. Where's the fun in that?! If I want to wear a crop top and skirt with super colourful feathered socks and pumps, then that's what I'm gonna wear! Alysse pulls these off  F L A W L E S S L Y  in the photos above. 

image via Ready To Stare


You know what else I love about Alysse? She's educating herself and not just standing up for people like her. She has a dual degree in journalism and gender studies, and her campaigns all feature diversity. When was the last time you saw THAT from a plus size retailer? Check out the above image from the Thank You For Staring collection. You've got varying shapes, sizes, heights, skin tones, gender expressions, etc. It's not the usual sea of tall, pale, hourglass babes, and I LOVE that. Seriously, if indie brands like RTS can do it, what's stopping all of these big brands? Hello? 


Basically, I just wish Alysse and I lived closer together so we could collaborate, or at least get to know each other over a delicious pizza. Alysse, if you're reading this, I love you girl! You're such a MAJOR inspiration and role model for me. I hope you know how wonderful you are, because you mean so much to me! 


Click to shop Ready To Stare! You can find Alysse on Instagram, Twitter, and Bustle!


Don't forget to head over to Panache to nominate someone for Modelled by Role Models




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