Let's Get Personal: The Body Confidence Revolution

23 Apr 2016

UK plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel discusses her new role as an ambassador for The Body Confidence Revolution and explains what this means to her.

"Everyone has the basic human right

to be proud of their body."

- Leyah Shanks


If you've been following me for a while, you know that I'm passionate about self-love movements. I've met LOADS of friends through Instagram tags like #selfiesforselflove, #honormycurves, and #thebodyconfidencerevolution. When I found out that Leyah Shanks was looking for The Body Confidence Revolution ambassadors, I was THRILLED to apply! I'm SO excited that I've been chosen, and I wanted to share a bit about why I applied and why this is so important to me. 

Photo from Lingerie Lounge: Elomi at Clara Olivia


I haven't always been confident in my body. When I was young I didn’t have a body positive role model. All of the women in my life and in the media despised their bodies and were obsessed their so-called “flaws.” The first time I was bullied for my weight I was only seven years old. I quickly learned that fat = bad and skinny = good. As if being chubby wasn’t bad enough, I also developed breasts and body hair, got my period, and had a growth spurt before all of the other students in my class. I thought everything about me was just wrong, wrong, wrong.


These insecurities haunted me into adulthood, until my early twenties. When I moved to Edinburgh from Kansas City at 22 I finally learned how to love myself. I started surrounding myself (online at least) with other plus size people. I was so welcomed and inspired by the plus-size community online that I gained the courage to start my wee blog that you're reading today! 

Photo from What I Wore: Hippie Girl



My mission is to illuminate, validate, and amplify beauty in myself and others. With my blog I hope to be the body confident example for others that I needed when I was younger! Exposure in the media, even social media, is what will help normalise fat/plus size/curvy/ etc. bodies. To promote this exposure, I shamelessly post selfies galore, including pictures of my size 24 body in nothing but my bra and undies like the photos you see here. 


So what does The Body Confidence Revolution mean to me? Frankly, it means a whole lot. So I'll try to break it down into a few key points. 


• Providing alternative forms of beauty that contradict the usual images provided by mainstream media 


• Proving that individuality (including so-called "flaws) is something to be celebrated, rather than condemned. Who decided that things that make us unique should be called "flaws" anyway? 


• Promoting visibility for my own individual traits, such as being plus size, living with depression and anxiety, and psoriasis. 


• Inspiring and promoting positivity in every way


Photo from Beauty Chat: Covering my eczema


As an ambassador, I’m eager to share this body confidence journey with all of you! I’m excited to challenge the concept of “flaws” and to promote the daily decision to love yourself right now in the body you’re in. 


More inspiration from other ambassadors here! 


Learn more about The Body Confidence Revolution! 

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