Let's Get Personal: When You're Feeling Down

4 Jun 2016

UK plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel shares five methods for coping when you're feeling down in this personal post about taking care of yourself. 

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to be a very emotional person. Shocking, I know. Sometimes it can be difficult to cope when life is weighing you down. I've seen a lot of people in my social media feeds really struggling with various things at the moment, and since I'm going through a lot myself I thought I'd share some things that keep me grounded when emotions are low, low, low. 

 1. Remind yourself that everything is gonna be alright 


Bad things are going to happen. Times are going to be tough. Try to focus on what you know rather than what you feel, because feelings can lie.  You may feel like things are absolutely hopeless, and like they could never get better. But guess what? They not only can get better, but they probably will! And you are so much stronger than you think.


2. Create something


This could be anything you fancy! If you enjoy cooking, try a new recipe! If you're musically skilled, pick up an instrument and write about how you feel. If you're crafty, start a new DIY project. I'm not particularly gifted in any of these categories, but I do like to journal. It may not be super creative, but it gives me something to look back on and remember that I've already survived so many tough times in the past and that I'm a stronger person because of it.

3. Spend time somewhere peaceful


This is another option that could be anything you fancy. I recently spent the evening relaxing by the seaside, and it was so calming and rejuvenating. I'm not a big fan of spending loads of time in nature, but I always enjoy spending time near the water. For some people the gym could be a great place to focus on yourself and calm your mind. If you have access to local museums or galleries, these are great places to spend alone time. You're not really alone because there are other people in the museum, but it's still quiet and you can move at your own pace enjoying the works on display. 

4. Spend time with people who care for you


Whether it's your mum, your partner, your BFF, whoever! Spend time with people who care about you and who won't judge you if you need to have a good cry. Loved ones are great, because they usually know whether you need to stay in with a cup of tea and a cheesy movie, or to get out of the house and to do something fun. Today Katrin and Elsa took me to the Meadows Festival, where I had a lovely time, ate a yummy s'mores marshmallow, and got a wicked sunburn. In spite of my red chest, back, and shoulders, it was TOTALLY worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 


5. If necessary, seek professional help


Even if you're not sure if you need professional help or not, it doesn't hurt to reach out and get help from people who are highly trained. Many cities will even have a hotline that you can phone or text to speak to someone, and they can try to assist and guide you toward any further help you may need. 


In Edinburgh, you can reach the Edinburgh Crisis Centre 24/7
by phone: 0808 801 0414

by text: 07974 429075


A quick Google search will help you find the hotline for your specific location. There's nothing wrong with asking for help, even if you just need a wee chat.


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