The Pitt Market

11 Aug 2016

UK plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel shares one of her favourite Edinburgh events, The Pitt Market in this woman about town post.


I don't know about you, but I am a BIG fan of food trucks! Maybe it's because I'm a total wannabe hipster at heart, or maybe it's because the food is always piping hot and super delicious. Back home in Kansas City we had a food truck festival, and I've always missed that. I was totally pumped to learn that Edinburgh has a similar recurring event called The Pitt Market!

The Pitt is tucked away at 125 Pitt Street. The vendors line the outer edges of the event space, and there are tables, benches, seats, and bonfires (when it's chilly) in the middle. Most of the vendors change every week but there a handful of regulars. Because there's something new every time, I always do a lap and make sure I check out all the options. I've had LOADS of good food at The Pitt, from fish chips to burgers to cakes and donuts. 

What I really love about The Pitt is that it's a good sized event, but (at least in my experience) people mostly hear about it by word of mouth. I learned about it from a friend's Instagram, and have happily introduced several friends to The Pitt, including Bear pictured above chowing down on some Latin grub! It may not look like it, but trust me...THAT is his I'm-really-enjoyinig-this-delicious-food face, haha!

The Pitt is closed during the festival season, but the next session is the 24th of September. Maybe I'll see you there! It's impossible to pick an absolute favourite vendor, so I've included a handful of faves below!


Orinoco Latin Food

Orinoco specialise in arepas and have LOADS of different fillings to choose from. You can find them on top of Waverley Station during the festival, as well as at Fountainbridge street food Fridays.


Spice Girl

Spice Girl offers nachos, quesadillas, chilli, and more! During the festival they can be found at the Assembly Gardens at George Square.


Barney's Beer

Barney's is a MUST for me every time I'm at The Pitt! Their craft beers are brewed at Summerhall, which is exactly where you can find them! Lucky for me, it's right down the street from my flat! 


barnacles & bones 

The motto at barnacles & bones is "bringing fresh shellfish & obscure cuts of meat to the street," and I'd say they've done just that! During the festival, you can find them on George Street.


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