What I Wore: Power Print

15 Aug 2016

UK plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel shares the print that makes her feel as powerful as Beyoncé in this style post featuring pieces by Simply Be.

When I was about eleven years old I was very into leopard print. Like, you could say I was obsessed. Now, I don't mean I had a few clothing items in that print and that's it. I mean...I had clothes, bedding, rugs, plushies, curtains, and much much more all covered in leopard print. Looking back, it was a bit of a leopard disaster, but at the time I LOVED it! At 26 my love for leopard has toned down, but I still can't resist a pretty leopard print dress! There's something about the animal print that makes me feel like I can take on the world, Beyoncé style. When I wear it I feel like I have super powers, so dangit I'm gonna keep wearing it! 

When I wear an all over pattern, I like to keep the rest of the outfit on the simple side. That's why I've paired this dress with black and brown hues like the ones in the pattern. The shades are simple, but the textures add a bit more visual interest. For example, the shoes are faux suede with studs, and the bag has both faux suede and faux leather, as well as tassles! 


The other style element that makes me feel unstoppable is a red lip. So of course I had to combine the two for a 100% go-get-em look! The dress is long enough that tights aren't a must, but if tights are out, chub rub shorts are in! When I go bare legged I pair this dress with either plain black flats, or lace-up black flats. 

These shoes are wide fitting, which is a must for me whenever a heel is involved. It makes them comfortable enough to wear for a longer period of time! Also, it's worth mentioning that my friend Katrin says this dress looks like it's covered in little fried eggs from a distance, which I love! 

Do you have a certain pattern or outfit that makes you feel like a superhero? Let me know in the comments below! 


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