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10 Nov 2016

UK plus size fashion blogger AmandaApparel describes her experience at Mexican Market style restaurant Wahaca in this woman about town post.


As an American living in the UK, I naturally miss my friends and family. But to be honest I miss the FOOD! Street food seems to be a much bigger deal back home, even in my Midwestern hometown. That’s why I wrote about The Pitt Market in a recent post! I love all sorts of food trucks: get Indian, Chinese, Burgers, and my favourite, Mexican. I had never heard of Wahaca until Bear surprised me with a date night there, but I’m SO glad he did! Now I know exactly where I’ll go next time I need my Mexican street food fix. 


Wahaca is a smallish chain restaurant with 24 restaurants, 3 bars, and 2 Mexican street kitchens across the UK. The VAST majority of these are (obvs) in London, but Edinburgh now has a location that recently opened on South St. Andrew Street! The majority of the menu is tapas style, which we ordered from. If you’re flying solo, or prefer just to have one big menu item instead of lots of smaller items, they have bigger mains as well! 

When we arrived at the restaurant, there was a bit of a queue. Side note, I totally don’t mind that, do you? I think its just means that the food is worth waiting for! Anyway, we made our way to the bar while we waited to be seated! I was impressed by the drinks menu right away. For starters, how CUTE are the menus?! Seriously, I wanted to try SO many things, but I opted for a hibiscus gin & tonic. It was absolutely lovely, and the best part was that there was a hint of crushed pepper, which I’ve never had in a drink before! Bear chose the “Mexpresso” martini, which was the smoothest, creamiest espresso martini I’ve ever tasted. 

We waited about 15-20 minutes before being seated, but it didn’t feel like any time at all. I was busy enjoying my cocktail and soaking up the cool interiors. The place just had a cool buzz about it. Instead of picking individual items to share, we went with the Wahaca Feast which includes 8 dishes for two to share for £36. They also offer a less expensive option called the Wahaca Selection for two to share for £23, but Bear and I both love to eat so we went with the bigger option, haha! 

Our feast included different tacos, quesadillas, empanadas, tostadas, and more. I wish I could say EXACTLY what we had on the night, but their menu changes so often that it’s already changed! You may or may not know this about me, but I’m a pretty fussy eater. I blame it on my only child syndrome, but that doesn’t matter. I was a liiiiiiittle afraid that I wasn’t going to like much. Of the eight dishes there was only one that I wasn’t crazy about, and it was a cactus & courgette taco. The silly thing is I actually enjoyed the cactus, it was the courgette I didn’t like for some reason! 

Now, I’d been craving churros ever since the competitors on Great British Bake Off had to make them for a challenge. I was THRILLED that our feast included churros and chocolate for dessert! They were the most perfect churros I’ve ever eaten, honestly. They were beautifully seasoned and the chocolate sauce was rich but not too sweet. We both ordered a horchata with dessert as well. 


It was pretty recently that we had our amazing meal here, but I’m already keep to go back! My parents are coming to visit during the holidays, and I’m hoping they’d like to try it! I want to convince my mum to try the set menu with me, but my dad will no doubt choose a main option like a burrito or quesadilla. He’s not too adventurous, TBH. 


Click to learn more about Wahaca’s story, recipes, and sustainability projects


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