Be Your Own Valentine

14 Feb 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel encourages you to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day in this wish list post, because you’re worth it! 


Whether you love it, hate it, or just don’t care (nihilism is in this season, lol) it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s super weird because I’m suuuuuch a romantic, but I’m not particularly into this whole mushy, lovey-dovey holiday. However, I am VERY into any excuse to treat yo self! I stuck with a classic romantic colour palette with dreamy pinks and reds with this list of my 10 top buys for being your own valentine today! 


1. H&M Block Pattern Scarf


It is SO. COLD. OUTSIDE. Like, Baltic. This scarf would be a cute way to bundle up while going on a romantic outing with your partner, walking your dog, or running to the shop for a bottle of rosé. 


2. Paperchase Rose Gold Backpack


Rose gold is everywhere right now (and copper, and copper that people call “rose gold,” but that’s another story) and honestly, I’m into it. I’m also having a moment with backpacks. This is v similar to the grey Zoella bag I picked up at Boots last Christmas. 


3. Starbucks Pink and White Hearts Tumbler


How cute is this travel mug from Starbucks? I’ve gotten MUCH better lately about bringing a mug with me (just like bringing a shopping bag to save the environment and save myself £0.05 at the till) which is great, but now I’m totally just using it as an excuse to buy more tumblers. Classic Amanda, amirite? 


4. Wolf and Whistle Scalloped Top


I recently worked with Wolf and Whistle on an outfit post, and I just REALLY believe in this brand. The colour palettes they use are just lush. Their curve range currently goes up to size 26, which I hope & pray extends to 32 in the near future because it is so good. I’m rooting for you, Wolf and Whistle! 


5. Debut Magazine: The Self Love Issue


Debut Magazine is the UK’s first career and lifestyle magazine highlighting women in the creative industries, and I am OBSESSED. The third issue focuses on self love, which is a major priority for me. I wish I was a millionaire so I could invest in what they’re doing at Debut. Stay tuned for a brand crush post about these folks really soon! 


6. ASOS Curve Red Wiggle Dress


This dress would just hug all of my curves and swerves and I looove the lush red colour. You could wear this dress for date night, whether you’re hitting up a five star restaurant with bae, a hipster dive with your gal pals, or treating yourself to a solo Nando’s.


7. Fossil Lips Lapel Pin


I’m gonna be real with you here. I’ve avoided the whole enamel pin trend because I just KNOW that once I buy one, I’m going to want to buy loads. But they’re so cute and such a fun way to personalise jackets, bags, backpacks and more! 


8. Laura Hickman #OOTD Fashion Flat Lay Coloring Book


Okay, I have had this colouring book on my mind ever since I saw it in my local Urban Outfitters. I tend to go in for like, trend inspo, but I reeeeally don’t like giving them money for loads of reasons. I was SO thrilled to find Laura Hickman’s colouring book on Amazon! This is the most Blogger™ thing I’ve ever seen and I need it like ASAP.


9. Simply Be Ribbed Bardot Bodysuit


GIVE. ME. ALL. THE. PINK. BARDOT. GOODS. I cannot get enough, and this bodysuit will 100% be a uniform purchase after payday! It’ll look great with skinny jeans and flats, or a really voluminous skirt and heels. Add a choker and you’re good to go!


10. Curvy Kate Kitty Longline Babydoll


Consider this your friendly reminder that you don’t need to be in a relationship or dating anybody to get yourself some nice lingerie. A nice bra or babydoll makes me feel equal parts strong and sexy. I’d love to wear this babydoll around the house while eating popcorn and watching Drag Race on Netflix.


I hope you babes all have a great day today, and remember that you’re SO much more than your relationships. You’re beautiful, and worthy of love, and I think you’re really freakin cool! 


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