Pink Velvet

16 Feb 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel wears a velvet midi from Simply Be in this outfit post inspired by luxury and romance.

When I started kindergarten at six years old our teacher had us play a game to get to know each other. I remember she asked what each student’s favourite colour was and I proudly proclaimed, “black!” Well Ms Lagree, look at me now! I still have a touch of black, but these days I prefer shades of pink

Let’s focus on what’s really important for a second. This dress has pockets! That’s right, y’all! They’re even big enough to hold your lipstick, bus pass and phone! Not having pockets on femme clothing is so frustrating, but do you know what’s even worse? Those itty bitty teeny tiny pockets that can barely hold a lipstick and £0.50. Like, why tease us like this?! Put out, or get out TBH! 

Velvet is one of those fabrics that seems to be reserved exclusively for winter, like fur. But in this flirty pink colour I feel like this is a good transitional piece to help me sashay into spring! I’m looking forward to warmer days where I won’t need to layer up, but for now (at least!) a bomber jacket is necessary. Because the dress sleeves are so wide and drapey, any layers that go on top need to be pretty wide in the sleeve as well. 

I am living for this leopard + pink combo, especially the faux fur stole! I want to embrace that sort of elderly woman who always get properly dressed up, even just for a quick trip to the corner store for milk. I’m always blown away by that sort of elegance and glamour, so why not practice while I’m still young? 

This dress is currently a favourite of mine. I love anything that hugs all of my rolls, and this dress definitely does that. To be honest, I could’ve probably gone down to a 22 and been a tiny bit happier with the fit. The velvet has got loads of stretch which is nice. I love when you don’t have to worry about testing the fabric’s limits when you sit down, haha! The dress actually comes with a matching pink velvet belt, and has elasticated belt loops on the hips (where the bust of the dress meets the skirt) and I'm just nooooot into it. Because the belt is velvet it's super dense. I've tried using the belt as a skinny scarf, and also as a headband, but I wasn't particularly into either of those looks. Maybe I'll find some way to recycle it eventually haha! 

Bear and I didn’t go out for Valentine’s Day because a) we’re just not that into it and b) we’re trying to save our money, honey. If we had gone out though, I definitely would have styled my pink velvet with pink faux fur and pink pleather like I did here over on my Instagram


Shop the look:

Dress: Simply Be, size 24

Bomber: Simply Be, size 22

Flats: Old Target (USA), similar at Asos

Stole: Vintage, similar at House of Fraser 


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