Millennial Pink: A VBxTarget Casual Cosplay

15 May 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel is pretty in pink in this outfit post featuring Victoria Beckham for Target. 

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When I saw this dress in the VBxTarget collection I immediately thought of Moonrise Kingdom. Suzy Bishop is probably my favourite Wes Anderson character of all time (followed closely by Margot Tenenbaum), and all I need are binoculars and a pair of knee high white socks to make this an official cosplay. This is how I think Suzy would dress if she was a 27 year old in 2017 instead of a child in the 1960's. PS if you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom, head on over to my place. I'll make some popcorn, you bring some sweets, and we'll have a movie night! 

So apparently millennial pink is a thing now, and I'm so into it! Steph did an amazing post on Nerd About Town wearing head to toe pink and it's too good! Normally when I do a monochromatic look it's all black, or various shades of white/grey/black, but this all pink ensemble is my jam at the moment. 

My mum hilariously pointed out this dress and jacket are pretty much the exact same shade of pink as my skin, so the whole look blends together! I mean...she's not wrong, haha! That's where the red sunnies, red lips, fuschia nails, and my DELISH raspberry lemonade come in handy. I wanted to use little pops of bright colour to break up the monotony of monochrome. 

After my babe cupcakethighs posted a try-on session at her local Target store, I decided to get a 3X in this shift dress. TBH I probably could have gotten away with a 2X, but since this was being shipped internationally I didn't really want to risk it. My bust has plenty room to breathe, which is great! The collar isn't too snug or too loose. It's just right for my size. The sleeves on the other hand are VERY large, especially at the wrist. I appreciate the extra room for my bingo wings, but I'm probably going to have the sleeves altered for a more neat fit. 


My second VBxTarget look will be coming to the blog VERY soon, so stay tuned! 


Shop the Victoria Beckham for Target Plus Size Collection!

Shop the look:

Dress: VBxTarget, size 3X. Also available in black.

Jacket: New Look Curves, size 22

Loafers: Simply Be, size 8E

Sunnies: Vintage. Similar at River Island


Photos by: Lianne Mackay: Edinburgh Wedding Photographer


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