Blue By The Beach: VBxTarget on the Promenade

28 May 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel wears a blue striped Victoria Beckham for Target dress in this style post.

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I promised my second Victoria Beckham for Target look would be up soon, and here it is! Lianne and I shot this look after shooting the Millennial Pink photos. Aaaaaand after picking up some treats at Twelve Triangles who now have a location in Portobello! We had to find somewhere for me to change clothes, right? It may as well be somewhere with delicious donuts! And coffees…and pies…ooft. 


My mum sent both this and the pink VBxTarget dress from the states, and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. I assumed that the pink dress would be my favourite because duh, it’s PINK! But I was entirely incorrect. This blue one is actually the one I prefer out of the two! It’s 100% cotton which is perfect for summer. How chic is the structure?! The sleeves are gorgeous. The cut is one I’ve NEVER seen in plus size clothing. I’m just totally enamoured. 


This dress is a 2X, which fits me superbly at size 24 (with a 40GG bust). The concealed button closure didn’t even require reinforcement with a small army of safety pins, which is unusual for me! I can se myself wearing this dress a LOT over the summer. I can’t wait  to try more easy breezy styles this summer. 


It would appear that using food and/or drinks as props is working for me, so that’s fun haha! Eating in front of people used to be (and occasionally still is) a huge source of anxiety for me, and being photographed while eating has been a really liberating experience! You can actually see me on Bustle stuffing my gob with some delicious carrot cake! 


Shop the look:

Dress: VBxTarget, size 2X

Boots: Old New Look. Similar below

Sunnies: Vintage. Similar below

Hat: Old H&M. Similar below


Shop the VBxTarget Plus Size Collection


Photos by: Lianne Mackay: Edinburgh Wedding and Portrait Photographer 


Shot on location at: Portobello Beach and Promenade


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