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2 Jun 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel gushes about Bad Fat Broads, Every Body, and The Fat Lip in this post focusing on fat-positive podcasts.

When my husband and I first separated I found it tremendously difficult to listen to music.  Even songs I’d never heard before were making me emotional and would bring me to tears, often in public which was a little embarrassing TBH. Podcasts were a great alternative to music because I could be entertained while being educated. Aaaaand the lack of crying on public transport was a definite bonus! These three podcasts have helped me grow tremendously as a blogger and a person. 


Bad Fat Broads


“The bad fat bitch perspective on everything important” 


KC and Ariel (left and right, respectively) are two awesome fat babes that I hope I get to hang out with IRL some day, because right now this is actually me when I listen to BFB: 


This podcast was founded in February 2016m but I didn’t discover it until the following summer. The conversational aspect of the podcast really drew me in. I would listen to new episodes on my commute home and it felt like riding the bus with a couple of rad fat friends, you know? 


KC is a fat, queer, poly, femme who brings a unique and interesting ministry aspect to the podcast. In one of my favourite episodes, KC leads listeners through a guided meditation for self care. Ariel is a ‘fat black bitch’ and I LOVE her explanation: “People generally don’t like it when you call yourself a fat black bitch, which is why I love to do it.” Ariel always sings in the episode introduction, which I adore! She takes songs and gives them a fat twist with re-invented lyrics. 


Both KC and Ariel are interested in fashion, but they discuss sooo much more than that. BFB helped introduce me to the world of fat academic literature, which has completely changed my writing style. Forgive the mush fest, but I’m honestly just immensely grateful for these two. Even following them on Twitter has enriched my life. KC and Ariel, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for everything you do!  


Favourite episode: Ughhh, there are so many that I love. I can’t pick a favourite, but I really enjoyed the latest -  Episode 23 (AKA the WLS whisper song OR You could just shhhhh)


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Donate




Every Body


“A new podcast counteracting the pervasive myths and misconceptions about

food, dieting and body image with hard science and engaging storytelling.”


Every Body is the most recent addition to my podcast lineup, but I’m already a huge (Hah! Get it, bc I’m fat?!) fan. It first aired in April 2017 and is hosted by Daria Matza. The episodes are about 25-40 minutes long (again, GREAT for that commute to work!) and each episode features an amazing guest with valuable insight into the world of fat politics. So far the guest list has included Claire Mysko, Michelle Lelwica, Virgie Tovar, Sandra Aamodt, Megan Crabbe, Evette Dionne, Jessamyn Stanley, and Susie Orbach. 


This podcast is relatively new but it’s incredibly well done and I can’t wait to see who will be on

the show next! 


Favourite episode(s): Episode 3 with Virgie Tovar and episode 8 with Susie Orbach


I’m so into all the writing that Virgie Tovar does, so naturally I was thrilled when I saw she would be featured in episode 3. Her book Hot & Heavy is currently in my Amazon wish list, but I’ve read LOADS of her work online. Susie Orbach is the author of renowned book Fat Is A Feminist Issue (also in my Amazon wish list) and almost every piece of fat academic literature I’ve read has referenced her work. I’m immensely inspired by these two, and by Daria as well. 


Website | Facebook | Twitter

The Fat Lip

“A podcast for and about fat people."


The Fat Lip is hosted by Ash and was founded in April 2016. One of my favourite things about this podcast is the timely response to current fat issues in popular culture. For example, Ash responds to This American Life’s ‘Tell Me I’m Fat’ in episode 4, she breaks down the problematic fat tropes of This Is Us in episode 12, and discusses Ashley Nell Tipton’s weight loss surgery in episode 20 (more on that one later). 


As a fellow fat white woman, I really appreciate how Ash discusses fatphobia as it intersects with other forms of oppression (racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.). It’s important for those of us who experience certain privileges to help educate our peers, and I think Ash is amazing in that respect. 


Favourite episode: Episode 20 - Weight loss surgery isn’t selling out, but justifying it by fat shaming is


If you read my recent post about weight loss surgery (http://www.amandaapparel.co.uk/single-post/Ashley-Nell-Tipton-does-not-exist-in-a-vacuum) then you may remember me referring to this episode of The Fat Lip. There are so many nuggets of truth in this episode, and I’m so grateful that this episode was produced. 


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Indie content is SO important, and I’m a firm believer in supporting local creators and artists whenever possible. I’m grateful that I’m now in a place where I can support Bad Fat Broads on a monthly basis and The Fat Lip on a per episode basis (Every Body is fully funded at the moment, hooray!). Both BFB and The Fat Lip have awesome incentives for different donation thresholds, and every little bit helps! If you listen to the podcasts and they help you in any way, I highly encourage you to get involved! 

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