Strappy Bralette Set

2 Aug 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel wears a strappy mesh bralette set in this lingerie post featuring New Look Curves.

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Wow, it’s been a while since I stripped down to my skivvies for the internet eh? Well, no time like the present! I don’t know about you babes, but I have had H U G E boobs since I was about 8-9 years old. I remember loathing wearing bras at that age. I just wanted to play with my Tamagotchi! When I was that young I only wore sports bras to school, and I have vivid memories of boys in my class grabbing the straps and snapping them! (Are boys still that awful? Ugh, probably) As I got older I graduated to bras that come in a box from Walmart and give you SERIOUS Madonna style boobs. 


Okay, Amanda. What’s your point? Welllll….my point is lingerie styles change! And personal taste in lingerie changes! Right now barrettes are EVERYWHERE on the high street, but a lot of plus folks feel like they can’t participate because a) lack of plus size availability and b) LOL what is this tiny triangle of fabric gonna do for me?! I’m a big fan of bralettes. They can’t be beat for comfort and sexiness tbh. 


Only 2 of my 8 local New Look stores stock their curve range, and 0 of those stock curve lingerie. Thank heavens for Asos! They’ve got a decent range of plus size lingerie, including this set I scored a while ago! I was immediately drawn to the strap detailing throughout the set, but I was worried about how they would look on my body. I mean, according to fit details online the model wears a 32DD, and I’m a 40G. That’s a pretty considerable difference! 


I’m SO glad I took a chance on this set because it makes me feel invincible! Do the straps dig in to my back and belly fat? Totally! And that’s okay! This set helps me feel confident, happy, and radiant, and I think those are feelings we could all use a little more of. My only regret is not sizing up in the bra, but this set is really just for lounging around the house so it’s not a HUGE deal. I’m still totally pleased with the purchase! 


Edit: Since publishing this post the set has sold out on Asos, but is now back in stock at New Look.


Shop the look:


New Look Curves Strappy Mesh Bralet, Size 24


New Look Curves Strappy Mesh Brief, Size 24



Also available in pink:


New Look Curves Pink Strappy Bralet


New Look Curves Pink Strappy Brief



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