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16 Aug 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel wears a beautiful bodycon dress in this style post featuring Next, Yours Clothing, and more.

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It’s that time of year when EVERY. SINGLE. STORE. has a massive sale on. I recently popped to Next to see if there was anything cute I could potentially fat-hack. What’s fat-hacking? I’m glaaaad you aaaaasked! 


Fat-hacking is a term I like to use to describe when a plus size person is able to fit into garments that are not made for plus sizes. For example, in this outfit I’m fat-hacking a size 20 dress from Next, but I usually wear a size 24/26. I’ve got a small selection of garments in my closet that are fat-hacks. For example, I have an “oversized” size 16 dress from Topshop that fits me like a bodycon. I have an incredibly stretchy size 12 (HAH! HAHAHAH! SIZE 12!!!) dress from H&M. See? Fat-hacked! 


I’m not usually one to wear white, but I couldn’t resist this colourful pattern! It looks so summery and fun but also super elegant. One downside to the fit is because it’s a fat-hack, the dress tends to ride up quite a bit. It looks much shorter on me than on the Next website’s model even though I’m a little short stack. 


These shoes have become a quick favourite of mine. They also come in black, but the platform is still white which kinda put me off them. I want the whole shoe, platform and all, to be black. 


How great is the contrast of the dark, moody architecture to the bright, bubbly dress? I love this. Some tourists were watching us take these photos, and some of them decided to photograph us. Classic Fringe shenanigans. 

Shop the look: 

Dress: Next, size 20*

Shoes: Yours Clothing, size 8E

Jacket: Old New Look Curves, size 22 (similar)  


*Okay, so the Next website SUCKS for sale/clearance items. Unfortunately the search function seems to only work for full price items, so searching by product code or product description doesn't work. Hunting this dress down takes a bit of effort. If you select “dresses” for product category and “£10-25” for the price category you’ll see it listed at £20 and it’ll look like this: 




Shop similar styles:

Photos by Samuel C. Bone


Shot on location at Edinburgh's Old College

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