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28 Aug 2017

Edinburgh based plus size style and fat positive blogger AmandaApparel shares her favourite slogan tees from River Island, Asos Curve, and more in this wish list post.


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Have you visited the high street shops lately? You can’t take two steps without seeing a slogan tee. Normally I’m not that into them, but some of the shall we say, “designer inspired” ones have piqued my interest! As usual there are WAY more options for our non-plus size wearing pals, but we’ve got some good options too! 


I think what I’m learning to love about slogan tees is how versatile they are. I’ve been styling the few I own mostly with skirts and sneakers, but also with distressed jeans, striped trousers, etc. 



1. Under Cover Boyfriend Tee


I would style this pink tee with a red pencil skirt and a bleached denim jacket. I’m very into the metallic lettering. It’s reminiscent of a certain designer that rhymes with “poochie,” and I’m here for it. 


2. Joyeux Tee


This tee would look cool with distressed skinny jeans and a leopard biker jacket. Shoe wise, I think I’d opt for classic white Adidas. To finish the look, a black backpack and a bright red lippy. 


3. Mon Coeur Tee


I’d pair this faux CK tee with wet-look leggings and a camel duster jacket. Depending on the day I’d either wear white trainers or black knee high boots. It would look amazing with a white or gold faux-leather shopper. 


4. Girls Do It Better Tee


I would style this tee with striped trousers like the ones above, but I’d tie the tee up in a wee knot instead of wearing it down. A platform sandal and ball cap would complete the summery look. 


5. Girl Power Tee


I’ve got the sweatshirt version of this tee (see below), and I love wearing it with a pink pleated skirt and black pleather trainers. 


6. Body Beautiful Tee


I’m SURE I’ve seen another plus babe rocking this tee on Instagram, but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was! I’d style it tucked into a good ol’ mom jean and black lace up flats. Add a messy bun and you’re good to go! 


Here are a few of the slogan tees from my collection: 


F E M A L E  Tee, size 24

Pleated Skirt, size 24



Paris Tee, size xxxl

Black Pleated Skirt, size 24



Girl Power Sweatshirt, size 26

Pink Pleated Skirt, size 24




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